Seth Wainer

Chief Information Officer

Seth Wainer is the Chief Information Officer for Newark, NJ, spearheading their technology initiatives and managing any IT or data-based services and upgrades. He has spent his entire career in government technology, with stints at The White House and the U.S. Department of Health. Seth has been CIO of Newark for the last 3 years and is an accomplished innovator in local government. While at the White House, he was part of the team that wrote and passed the Affordable Care Act. He holds a BA in Political Science from the Columbia University in the City of New York.

Newark, NJ

Seth speaks to the SeamlessDocs team in the February installment of the Seamless Speaker Series

Service is Beautiful

Q&A with this municipal champion

How did you get involved with local government?

How did you first hear about SeamlessGov?

Jonathon and I met a year and half ago and immediately hit it off because we are focused on the same thing: bringing government up to speed with the technological shifts happening across a number of industries. Automating our forms process with SeamlessDocs was Step 1. Working together to build the new Newark website was Step 2. Ultimately, I believe our partnership will engender long term future for both technology at the City of Newark and within SeamlessDocs.

Why did you decide to go paperless?

Paul accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

Seth accepts his Service is Beautiful Award from CEO & Founder Jonathon Ende

"In the Age of the Smartphone, everyone intuitively gets how stuff should work. Implicit in the belief that 'Government is Beautiful' is the real riddle of how do we go from where we are - to [the future] - legally, effectively and without breaking too much stuff along the way. It's a vision."

Seth Wainer

Chief Information Officer

Newark, NJ

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Town of Gilbert Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 27 Forms

  • 12,677 Submissions

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 3,169 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

Culver City Stats

Real results from this municipality

  • 115 Forms

  • 2,352 Submissions

  • 20.5 Submissions per Form on Average

  • 15 Minutes Saved per Form

  • 588 Total Hours Saved

    (Submissions * Time Saved per Form = Total Time Saved)

What was implementation like?

One form or process that's been changed by SeamlessGov?

We're now taking responses from SeamlessDocs forms we receive from citizens and then distilling those insights to the Mayor. With SeamlessDocs we can now say, "Look, this is what the citizens are saying; this is what they need." Because to be honest, no one has time to read through 150 questions that residents ask us. Yet it's important to know what residents ask us.

Favorite SeamlessGov Feature?

Advice for another municipality just starting out with SeamlessGov?

Michael Fulvio

Success Manager

Michael is the Director of Customer Success at SeamlessGov. He’s been with the company since the first municipality joined and has been passionate about making forms paperless ever since.  Michael is a trained actor and trapeze artist who calls New York City home.

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