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California signs A.B. 2296 to Expand Use of Digital & eSignatures

California signs bill to push eSignatures forward at both the state and local levels

California signs A.B. 2296 to Expand Use of Digital & eSignatures for Local and State Govs

Earlier this month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2296 to clear up some prior confusion around the state’s processing of digital and electronic signatures. While the two terms seem synonymous, there are significant differences that have tripped up legislators ever since the state originally approved their usage as far back as 1995, and later with the passing of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, or UETA, in 1999.

A digital signature is the technically burdensome process of accepting and securing an online signature - at its core it is the encryption technology rather than the signature itself. eSignatures, much more prevalent in industries like Commercial Banking, proves who and what was signed as well as the intent to sign.

Sponsored by Assembly Member Evan Low, the bill aims to push forward an innovation that has been readily available to governments for some time but not universally understood. Low told StateScoop, “If you just think about everyday activities in the regular world, this is a thing that has been adopted quite some time ago, [but] oftentimes it takes some time for us to catch up with the time, so I was glad the governor agreed and we were able to focus on this area.”

To learn more about eSignatures, check out our exclusive infographic.


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