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Employee Spotlight: Ted Lord

Learn more about a day in the life in a client-facing role at SeamlessDocs

We sat down with Ted Lord, Business Development at SeamlessDocs, to learn more about his experiences, motivations, and aspirations.

Employee Name: Ted Lord

Nickname: Turtle, T-Money, The Lord, Lorde

Title: Business Development

Hometown: Garden City, NY

Tell us a little about yourself:

I've been working for SeamlessDocs for almost a year now, and have held various client-facing roles. I attended Providence College after high school on Long Island. Personally, I'm a self-taught guitarist and pianist. I use art and music as a way to relax and find myself. I love reading and have read everything Stephen King has written, which may explain my terrifying dreams. Most importantly, I'm the best foosball player in my office, and any of my colleagues who are reading this and disagree can meet me at the table.

Specific role at company:

I concentrate on prospecting and contacting governments who desperately need to become more technology focused. I drive outbound sales leads and work with government officials every day to show them a more seamless way (pun intended) to provide better digital services to citizens. 

Before SeamlessDocs:

I worked in National Broadcast Ad Sales for Viacom, a media conglomerate. Specifically, I worked on County Music Television (CMT) and TV Land. I've always had a client-facing role and love working together with partners to find solutions.

Favorite SeamlessDocs feature:

I'm a huge fan of our SeamlessMaps function. For a municipality, it is SO useful to be able to plot every type of form submission location you receive on a map. 

Community Development Director: "How many swimming pools do we have in town? 

Assistant: "No idea... let's plot our swimming pool permits on a map and check it out!"


What sets SeamlessDocs apart from other companies?

We are in the unique position to help change the lives of all citizens. At some point in our lives we all interact with government process. Whether it's going to the DMV or applying for a marriage license, we want those interactions to be as easy as possible. 

What does "Government is Beautiful" mean to you?

Crazy politics aside, the intent of government is pure. From the Federal level all the way down to our local town hall, government strives to improve the lives of its constituents. That's a beautiful thing, and we aim to help make those every day interactions, that power their pursuit of the greater good, even more beautiful. 

Advice for someone considering a role at SeamlessDocs?

Do you want to be constantly challenged? Does the thought of leaving your comfort zone scare you? We work hard here, but we play hard too. It's a fantastic company with an inspiring mission. if you aren't willing to go WAY above and beyond what you've done in the past, maybe SeamlessDocs isn't for you :)

Favorite GIF:

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